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Lodging information

-lodging blocks have been filled for the 2023 conference-

-We are waiting to see if addition rooms are released and will post an updated link if more rooms become available.-


Accommodation availability changes frequently, so check back with the YMCA if a room isn’t available at the time of your call.

 Get your place to stay early!!! YMCA of the Rockies Covid Policy.


Give freely of what you find and join us. We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny. May God Bless you and keep you—until then.

Reprinted from Alcoholics Anonymous,
4th Edition, page 164
with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

Fellowship of the Spirit

The Fellowship of the Spirit Conference has its roots in a small community of recovered Alcoholics and Al-Anons who live along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

In 1992, through informal discussions and gatherings, a community took shape around a vision of carrying the basic message of Alcoholics Anonymous to families and individuals affected by the disease of alcoholism.

So began a long journey of becoming more connected with God and with each other. Every year the conference grows larger as more families get involved. We have seen both newcomers and old timers transformed by making personal commitments to the conference and to carrying the basic message.

Best of all, every year brings a new team of volunteers together, whose “blood, sweat and tears” make the conference possible. Every year, new personalities and new vision fill the community as we join together with a great sense of alignment and purpose.

Fellowship of the Spirit Board


The purpose of The Fellowship of the Spirit Board of Directors is to ensure the fiscal health of the conference. Some of these activities include maintaining a prudent reserve, purchasing liability insurance, filing taxes, negotiating hotel contracts, and following all laws pertaining to non-profit organizations. In keeping with our Mission Statement, the board also ensures consistency of message and experience, for FOTS attendees, from year to year.


The Board is made up of several past conference chairs, two Al-Anon positions, two rotating members, that are elected at the Conscience of the Conference, and three elected officers: Treasurer, Secretary, and Archivist.

Board Meeting Schedule

The Board of Directors meets in February, May, September, and Saturday morning at the Conference.  All meetings are open to interested individuals.  For meeting dates and times, please email the Board President.  For a copy of the minutes from any Board meeting, please email the Board Secretary. For a copy of any Board financial reports, please email the Board Treasurer

Web Policy

The Fellowship of the Spirit Conference, after much prayerful meditation has decided on the following in regard to use of this website. This site is used as a communication tool for those who wish to attend or find information about this conference. This site does not represent Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon in any way. The Fellowship of the Spirit Conference is not affiliated with any outside entity. Existence of all other entities’ information on this website in intended to be informational only. We neither endorse those represented here nor recommend against those omitted. In addition we will not add links to other conferences, events, workshops, recovery related information that does not specifically relate to this conference. Thank you for your understanding of this policy.